Monday, October 30, 2006

Seriously, Audition for T.O.R.T.

I don't care if you think you don't have time... audition for the law school musical. I can't describe how much fun it is... and the show is going to be really awesome this year.1 If you don't audition, you'll regret it when you see the show in the spring. You'll say "Why oh why didn't I listen to Unreasonable Man. He's always right, so of course he was right about this."

Just do it.

1I'm helping write it... how can it not be awesome. Oh yeah, and Kirby's the head writer again, so of course it will be good, and if you haven't seen what Carmen can do, you haven't seen funny. (Well, you've probably seen funny... but Carmen is very funny as well).

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween, Gamma Style

For all of you who went to the Gamma House on Friday night, you were treated to a costume bonanza, including an Indian in a Whoopee Cushion and yours truly as one of the true greats of children's literature.

For those of you that didn't go to Gamma (and you know who you are), shame on you!

Here are the Unreasonable Awards for best costume:

Most Creative (Male) - The dude who dressed up as as the MySpace page of our schools Lexis Rep (Jeff Melville, we love you man). Very original. Bonus points for brining name tags and a sharpie so we could commment as Jeff's MySpace friends.

Most Creative (Female) - I don't know why, but I really got a kick out of the girl who dressed up as a deviled egg. Either that, or my friend Stephanie the Pregnant Nun.

Best Alumni Costume - Mike Reif as Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic

Best Use of a Theme for Drinking Games - "Dawg" and "Tex" (I assume from Dog the Bounty Hunter) and their relentless possession of the Beer Pong table

Best Use of a "Stereotype" - The Mexican Ostridge Rider. I don't know where the ostridge riding comes in, but excellent use of the sombrero and mexican-guy beard and mustache. (BTW, the guy who had this costume was Mexican, so I guess it was OK to stereotype it)

Lamest Law-School Related Costume - The person in ordinary clothes with the "Reasonably Prudent Person" sign. Somebody always has to do something like this, and this year it was this dude. Saving grace, the picture of Homer Simpson made it a little less lame.

Best Slutty Girld Costume - No real winner here. Everybody who dressed up as a Slutty _______ is a winner in this blogger's eyes.

So that's it. A good time was had by most. If you weren't there... what can I say, you're lame.

Monday Update: I almost forgot one (two actually) very important awards:

Best Commitment to the Costume & Creepiest - The guy who was John Mark Karr and was carrying around his little "Jon Binet" Doll. That guy had the creepy vibe down. It still gives me the jubblies just thinking about it. *Shiver*

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mr. Needle... Meet Mr. Haystack. Mr. Haystack, Mr. Needle.

I get to start doing document review at work. Man is that fun! Why don't they tell us about this stuff when we start law school?

Me: "You mean I get to look through thousands of pages of documents in case one of them is privileged? And if I screw up and miss the privileged document, and we produce it, we waive the Attorney-Client privilege and open our files to the other side? Sign me up!"

Sorry for the lack of posting since... well, May. I'll be at the Gamma House Halloween party for all my fellow Mondale High-ites. Oh yes, beer shall be consumed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Audition! Do It! DO IT!

Just in case anyone actually reads this anymore, and especially anyone from the U Law School who still reads this:

Audition for T.O.R.T.!!!

The sign-up sheets for auditions have been posted on the Announcement Board on the Sub-Plaza level. Auditions start next Monday.

Come on! Do it! You'll have fun. And we aren't called Theatre of the Relatively Talentless for nothing. As the T.O.R.T. website notes:
We're looking for a pulse, talent is very optional.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'll Have a Chicken Burrito with Black Beans and the Holding of Marbury Please

I saw a guy in line today at Chipotle reading a casebook while he was ordering1 ... And highlighting it! WTF! Have I completely lost it, or does this take law school uber-studying to a level of which we dare not ... ney, ought not dream?

I understand being stressed, and feeling like you don't have time enough to do everything; but, reading in line at Chipotle is not the most effective way to study... or to be a normal human being. Please don't do that again. It creeps me out.

1And not while he was waiting in line, but up at the counter, while he was telling them what he wanted on his burrito!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Hooray, the playoffs start today (in less than an hour actually), and my beloved Twins are in the playoffs (after winning the division... Thanks Detroit!). After a pitiful start, and a horrible May, my team was awesome. Now, they take on the A's in the division series, and I'll be at Grandma's (the bar, not my actual Grandma's house), Sgt. Prestons (does Preston's even have a TV?), or Bullwinkles to watch it after my Statutory Interpretation class instead of doing all the work I have to do.

Just to make things interesting, here is my pick to win the World Series, along with several alternatives, and my confidence that each one will win:

1. Twins (about 55-60% confident): OK, so at least 5% of my confidence (and probably at least 10%) is because this is my team and I am totally biased. But I have been watching these guys all year, and you can't keep them down. Their lineup gels together better than any lineup in baseball,1 their starting pitching is good (Santana=guaranteed 1 or 2 wins per series, the rest can hopefully pick up the slack), and a phenomenal Bullpen. Plus, they got the heart... and all you need is heart (at least according to those Damn Yankees)

2. Those damn Yankees (35-40%): Holy crap, Matsui bats Eighth, and Cano (who almost won the batting title) bats Ninth. Wow, they do have a great lineup. Their pitching isn't great (especially their bullpen), but they can score so many runs that it often doesn't matter.

3. Oakland A's (whatever's left): I think that any team (in this case, my Twins) just needs to avoid "Big Hurt" Frank Thomas, and they should be able to beat them. But, they are good. Really good pitching, and they still do have Frank Thomas. Plus, they probably got some heart.

4. Everybody else (0%): The Tigers have played like crap since August. They couldn't even beat Kansas City at home to win the division. The ROYALS! And all the other teams are in the National League, which, to be honest is a joke. Granted, any team can win in a Seven Game series, this is a pick based on who is better, and if things go to the better team, the National League teams don't have a chance.2

So there you go.


1 Yes, even the Yankees. Of course, by "gel" I mean collectively they are better than their individual parts. Overall, the Yankees' lineup is better, but that's because its made up of the best team money can buy (for $200+ million). The Twins have a couple All-Stars (Mauer & Morneau) and a bunch of over achievers.
2 The only National League team that might have had a chance was the Mets, but then Pedro went out.