Friday, June 30, 2006

HA! Suckers!

Apparently, offers went out for Law Review yesterday (I say "apparently" because on Wednesday my EIC told me she was going to start making calls on Thursday... and because at least one blogger has posted that he got on (congrats to Ivan).

All I can say is "Fooled You!" Enjoy your year of cite checking! Although if your personal statements are to be believed (and I sincerely hope they aren't) some of you are actually going to enjoy cite checking.

I'm being a little facetious because I actually enjoyed law review last year, and still think it was way more helpful to me than anything else I could have done. But, there are times when it does suck some.

So, welcome to the "club" newbies.

P.S. You may want to get started on your first racking and cite-checking assignment... it's due on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good Times

I apologize for not updating you on how my summer has been going... oops. But, here's a brief recap so far.

So far, I have really enjoyed my work experience at Eel & Poorman. I have been given really interesting and challenging projects (not challenging for a real, full time lawyer, but for someone like me who doesn't really know much, they are challenging) and the people are really nice. Even better, so far, all of my projects have gotten very positive feedback (knock on the fake wood of my desk).

As far as my work goes, yesterday was a really good day. In my first or second week I was given a research project for a motion in a big litigation case that is going to trial next week. So, like all lowly Summer Associates, I did the research as best I could, wrote up a memo and submitted it... hoping that it might actually be useful. Flash forward a couple weeks when our firm actually filed its motion (actually a response to a motion by the other side), and there in the motion was much of what I had written in my memo, some of it word for word. "Cool!" I thought, not only did they say they liked my memo, but they actually used some of my work product so I couldn't suck too bad. Flash forward to yesterday, when the judge's order came out. Not only did the judge rule in our client's favor, but the order used language that started in my memo (albeit changed slightly from its trip through the judge's computer after sliding through our firm's motion). Lame and insignificant as it is, this was very exciting for me.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'll Light the Torches. You Round Up the Villagers and Pitchforks.

This is getting recockulous. I still only have one grade. One single, lousy grade. And that's a class where the final was an 18 question Scantron test! Seriously, what's going on?! If the professor's haven't gotten their grades in, what's the freakin' holdup? It's been 5 weeks! (6 for one of my finals).

If the professors have gotten the grades in, than someone is delaying the process unreasonably (Registrar's Office... I'm looking in your direction).

OK. I feel better now. Go Twins!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

In Case You Needed Proof That Pat Robertson is a Freak of Nature

Worst. Blogger. Ever. I'm so sorry about my prolonged silence (although based on the comments from this post, I probably wasn't missed anyway). Things have been crazy busy. Work is busy, but still fun. The petitions are all done, and they don't sort themselves for the graders. And last weekend, my grandparents-in-law celebrated their 60th Anniversary and Unreasonable Wife and I had to attend.

I hope to start resuming posts soon. To at least whet your whistle, I link you to this article discussing the Reverand Pat Robertson's super-human leg strength as he leg presses 2000 pounds.

If only he could use his power for relevancy.