Thursday, April 19, 2007

Less Embarrassing, But Humbling

After last year's incredible display of physical prowess on my part (what with walking for 1/3 of the race and getting passed by people in strolles in the first mile), I did my best to "train" and make a better showing at this year's Race for Justice.

I definitely did better. My time was about 3 1/2 minutes faster, and therefore my pace was more than a minute per mile faster. More importantly, I ran the entire way instead of walking three times (like last year).

However, it was still a humbling experience. People pushing strollers still passed me (but not until mile 3 instead of within the first mile). Ivan Strike-Weaseled his way past me right at the finish line (he has a deceptively good kick). The most humbling fact, a 60 year old woman beat me... but almost a minute (the "Results by Class" is available on the Race for Justice home page). Now, I'm sure this women is in excellent shape, but it still sucks a little.

Oh well, I guess I just need to keep running and come back and beat that woman... then I can totally rub it in her face "Check the race bib. You're in my world now, grandma"


Where the F@&$ Have You Been!

As you have clearly figured out, blogging has been a low priority for me this semester. So, if anyone is still checking back with me I apologize. I hope to post at least a little bit more before graduation... at the very least I have to do my final set of finals pick-up lines, plus the obligatory "what I got out of law school" post.