Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nonymous Author

Jeremy Blachman, of Anonymous Lawyer fame spoke at our school today talking about his blog, how he turned it into a novel, and why he decided not to work at a law firm. He also singed several copies of the book (including my copy... now all Jeremy has to do is become incredibly famous, then the book will be worth boatloads on eBay). Since Jeremy is living every bloggers dream, of course I went. He's a really nice guy.

It was pretty interesting... not so much because of what he had to say (which wasn't uninteresting, because Jeremy had some funny stories), but because he told me afterwards that he was really nervous getting up in front of us and speaking. Since I've been reading Jeremy's personal blog for a couple years, and been reading Anonymous Lawyer for about a year, I found it hard to believe that someone so creative and forward about what he writes would be nervous speaking in front of a crowd of 100 law students from Minnesota (of all places). It was refreshing that while he's been incredibly fortunate and successful with his blog, novel, and (hopefully) TV series (which is in the pre-pilot stage with NBC), he is still humble and modest.

Oh yeah, and he said that us bloggers should probably be careful if we plan on going into a firm. Oops. Well, I haven't had my offer rescinded yet, so that should be an adventure.

What the....?

I love it when you're trying to read the news online (like I was trying to do on today), and you see a headline like this:1

WTF?! Did I fall asleep and wake up in The Family Guy?2 My other favorite part about this is that this isn't a link to a written article, but it's a link to a video. I hope that doesn't mean its a video of the birth.

1I literally had to do a screen capture of this, because I couldn't believe the headline... and I wanted a record of it.
2Giggidy, giggidy, goo?