Monday, February 05, 2007

Unreasonable Super Bowl Recap

Was it just me or did the Super Bowl seem a little "eh" last night. The game was OK (obviously if you are an Indy fan, then it was awesome, and if you love Da Bears than it sucked like Rex Grossman under pressure) and the commercials were so-so (although, like always, Bud Light brought a couple good ones, but I can't really think of a commerical that was as awesome as in years past).

The only thing I thought was really good was Prince's halftime show (and I'm totally biased because I'm Paisly Park adjacent up here in Minnesota).1 Besides the fact that I think Prince is one of the best musicians out there (and I mean "musician" literally, as he can actually play instruments, and better than most people out there), I really liked His Royal Badness's show because he actually played his instrument and actually sang during the show, instead of just lip syncing and pre-recording the instrumentals. It actually looked like a little mini-concert.

Oh well. The Super Bowl can't always be super.

1 By the way, to the 1L I overheard this morning saying that Prince was a bad choice for the Halftime Show, and who "turned off" the Halftime Show... you may not want to admit this to potential employers, as this decided lack of judgement may be decimating to your employment prospects).


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous rbs said...

Two things:
(1) 1Ls suck. Even Rolling Stone said it was the best halftime show ever.
(2) How could you not love the Emerald Nuts commercial with Robert Goulet? So random and hilarious.


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