Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hail To The "Chief"

As I mentioned waaaaaayyyy back in September, I am a member of Minnesota's Intellectual Property student's group, and throughout this year I was a 1L "Office-at-Large"1. Well, anyway, today the group had it's elections for the "real" officers, and I decided to run for President. Well, guess what, I actually won.2 So now I really have a line on my resume. Resume padding is awesome!

Just kidding3, I really am looking forward to trying to help expand the influence of this group. So if you are a current Minnesota 1L, 2L, or 0L and are interested in IP law at all, next year we're going to be working hard to get you a great student association to provide education and (more importantly) networking opportunities.

1You might think the "quotes" are just for effect to show how little responsibilities this "office" had... but in actuality, the actual "title" has "quotes" around it. The 2L officers even made us do the "finger quotes" thing whenever we said our title, and if they caught us not using finger quotes, they would call us "Insolent," place us in a burlap bag and beat us with reeds. Pretty standard really.
2I realize by specifically listing the group and what office I got, I pretty much remove any possibility of saving my anonymity... but since I have now found out that a few people in my classes have read this "blog" (stupid quotes... go "away!") and know who I am, so there really was no hope of anonymity anyway. Cheers!
3Sort of... *ahem*


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous M&M "Mini" said...

Yay!!! "Congrats" "Mr. President of SIPLA"

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Kathryn said...

Congrats on your new office, but as far as influence, why draw the line at law students interested in intellectual property? I'm sure there's plenty of scope in the position for some "world domination" as well.


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