Wednesday, September 29, 2004

An Officer And A Gentleman

Today I decided to "run"1 for 1L officer in Minnesota's Student Intellectual Property Law Association (or SIPLA), and I actually won (well, I was one of three people elected). Why did I do this? Am I now a gunner? (maybe).

In reality, I had three reasons for deciding to run for this "position."

  1. Because of my work experience, I feel like I can actually contribute something useful to this organization... as opposed to many of the student organizations, where pretty much all I can do is take up space... and as many 2L and 3L bloggers have said, you should try and get involved (most notably Jeremy)
  2. The 2L and 3L officers assured us it was a really easy job (basically we have to tell other 1L's about the meetings and events, and write notices for said meetings and events on the classrooms' chalkboards); and
  3. It will look good on my resume (lets be honest... I do want to offer something to the group, but I'm not doing it completely out of the kindness of my heart... I'm training to become a lawyer, after all, so I have to start shucking my heart soon anyway)

So anyway, I am now a mostly meaningless officer in a student organization. Yeah me! Now I just have to figure out how I can get me some interns.

1I use quotes because all I did was say I would do it... but there was no real campaign


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