Friday, September 17, 2004

It's Alive!!!!!

There is a woman in one of my classes who has had three different bags in the three different class appearances this week, each bag larger than the last. On Monday, it was a small-briefcase sized bag. Tuesday, it was a larger rolling briefcase (the kind you see businessmen rolling around at the airport to carry their computers and a night's worth of clothes), and on Wednesday it was a gargantuan carry-on sized bag.

Are the larger bags eating the smaller bags for sustenance? Why does she trust the bag not to eat her books... or her computer... or her lunch?

I'm nervous to go to class next week, because I am sure that a FedEx shipping crate will have decimated the luggage population at her house, and will need to move on to other baggage. My backpack will be in the first ring of casualties... I like my backpack.


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