Friday, September 10, 2004

Let's Make It 20

To add on to the topic of yesterday's post, I have a new gripe, this time for the professors. Tell the students asking so many damn questions to "Shut Up!"1. It's your job to teach us, and it is difficult for the silent majority to learn when you keep letting this small, but very vocal group monopolize our class time.

Here's a new rule... every time you let the class questions get out of hand (as occurred in Contracts today), the professor owes me $20...

That's one Mr. Jackson, Woo!2
They ain't for real.
Let all of the students ask you "Why?"
You should tell them "Shut your pie (hole that is)"
Now give me a Jackson, Woo!
Let's Make a deal

Ha, two really bad references to Hip-Hop music in two posts... beat that!

1Feel free to substitute the more PC "Be quiet," or "Stop asking stupid questions, idiot"
2 These awesome satirical lyrics are printed without the express written consent, or any consent for that matter, of Andre 3000, Big Boi, or anyone else associated with Outkast... but they still rule.


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