Thursday, September 09, 2004

Amen, Brother

Following up on this post from the Free Speach Zone, a blog by a fellow engineer in law school. Basically, Mr. Free Speach is saying that students should self-censur from making too many comments and asking too many questions so that the class can get through the cases that it needs too, because at the end of the semester, we are still going to be responsible for all the materials, and he would rather cover it all in class.

This really rings true for me as I am sitting in CivPro waiting for all the pointless questions to stop. I get that we are all excited to be in law school, and we want to get it right... but at the same time, think about your question before you ask it... if you think it might be a question that is better for after class, or by e-mail, then please, PLEASE ask outside of class. You're wasting all of our class time. Remember we are paying an exorbitant amount of money for this class instruction (I think it breaks down to at least like $10 per class hour, although I haven't done the math, so don't quote me).

Lets make a new policy... anyone who asks a question that isn't relevant to the class owes me $10, cause when you're a poor law student, it's all about the Hamiltons.


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