Monday, July 26, 2004

A Soon-To-Be Statistic

In less than a week I will unemployed (albeit by choice). This is my final week of work, and it is only a half week at that. Wednesday is my last day here at the patent law firm, and I have some mixed emotions about it. I'm excited to be moving on in my life and career development, but at the same time it's a little stressful and sad to be leaving my first real job after college. This is the job where I took a big chance moving from the college town and my parents' suburb that I was used to, to the big city of Chicago to start a job that I was unsure I would be able to do. It was exciting, and now that chapter of my life is ending as I move on to law school.

The rest of the work week should be pretty tame because I can't really take on any new projects, and for the most part my current projects are all finished. All I have left to do is help out the newer people with their work, and report on all my projects to one of the attorneys. I'm amazed the end is already here. Oh well, time to move on.


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