Thursday, July 22, 2004

Other Peoples' Money

I finally have most of my financial aid in order... and I got to take some of YOUR money to do it1... granted I have to pay U.S. back... plus I have to get another $14,000 in private loans to make sure I don't starve and end up on the street next year2, but I can be fairly sure that my school won't throw me out for lack of funds3.

Doesn't financial aid feel like your'e playing with Monopoly money? None of the figures seem real, and you never actually see the cash.

I guess you could see the money by cashing your financial aid check after receiving it instead of doing the smart thing and depositing it in the bank... but I think the temptation would be too great to take that cash down to a local casino and feed a newly acquired Hold 'em Poker fetish. Something tells me that using your book money in a foolish attempt to become the next Chris Moneymaker may not be a good idea.

1 Via your tax dollars and the good ol' Department of Education Ford Federal Loan Program.
2 Minnesota is cold in the winter, and the street is no fun
3 Lack of brains? Lack of perspective? Maybe? Lack of an iPod? I wish... then I could get one... "Honey, I have to get an iPod, the law school requires it."


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