Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Wha Happened?

I am so anxious about law school starting that I tend to be a little obsessive about everything law school related. Recently, that has manifested itself in continuously checking on financial aid online, even though the online financial aid report is unofficial.

While I was checking my aid today I noticed that my Ford Federal Subsidized Loan1 amount is less than it was in the financial aid letter I received back in March (or whenever that was... it's ancient history now). About 35% less. Does this really matter that much? Probably not, but even at a conservative 3% interest rate that adds up to over $500 in interest during law school alone. Sure that isn't much compared to the at least $100K I will be taking out total... but it is enough to get that iPod I've had my eye on... or, to pay for those pesky things that always seem to pop up, like food, heat, and TiVo.

Anyway, my question is, has this happened to anyone else? And, whose door do I have to bust in to get this corrected?

1The "good" kind where interest doesn't accrue while you are a full time student


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