Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ditka Update II

Another update on the possibility of having a Senator Ditka, from today's Chicago Tribune article. Ditka says he wants in and that he thinks he would do a good job1. Here's my favorite quote from the article:
To be sure, when it comes to Mike Ditka--the Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end, former winning Super Bowl coach, television football analyst, restaurateur, male-dysfunction medication pitchman, radio car salesman, casino spokesman, motivational speaker and clothes designer--there's never any shortage of promotion.

How's that for the resume of a U.S. Senator?

The Tribune even has a poll on their website, and the majority of people say they would not vote for Ditka... but just barely. As of about Noon CDT the poll shows that 47.7% (about 2100 votes) would vote for Ditka, and 52.3% (about 2300) would not. So out of 4400 people, it comes down to about 200 people to decide whether we have a Ditka-tacular or Ditka-less Senate floor.

UPDATE: 5:00 p.m. CDT Un-fricking-believable... Ditka now leads in the Tribune poll, 56.1% (5768 responses) to 43.9% (4510 responses)

1Ditka mortgaged the future of the New Orleans Saints on Ricky Williams... an ill-advised move since Williams ended up leaving... so obviously he has the skills to run the United States.


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