Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My Wife Has Left Me1

Well, not really left me... but I bet that got your attention. As much as we pretend to be enlightened law students and members of the blogosphere, there's still a little bit of a Jerry Springer-esque desire for human misery.

Actually, she is driving back to Minnesota today to go back to her job with the Airline. She had been on a year leave-of-absence which expires this Friday, and she couldn't get it extended. So, for the shortest of time (about 2 1/2 weeks) we will be a two-income family2. After that, my job is over and we close on our townhouse... and then it's back to one income, and time for me to be a leach.

So for the next half month, it's just me, the cats, and our beloved TiVo. I'm going to miss my wife and all, but at least I'll have up to 35 hours of pre-recorded television and two hyperactive balls of fur to console myself.

1 And she's moving back in with her parents.
2 As I mentioned before, my wife was a student here in Chicago while I worked, and she is going to work while I'm in law school.


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