Monday, June 28, 2004

PSA: Pickpockets Are Sneaky

"I am bery, bery sneaky sir... Do no underestimate my sneakiness."
- John Turturro as Emilio in Mr. Deeds

I don't really have much to write about right now, but I would like to make this public service announcement for your protection...

Watch out for pickpockets, because those bastards are sneaky!

On Saturday, while the in-laws, my wife, and I were coming back from the Taste of Chicago on the el (see Friday's Tourist Board post), we all witnessed a dastardly duo steal a man's wallet. One of the bad guys pretended to get his foot stuck between the train and the platform while getting on the el1. The guy behind the faker grabbed him to try and help him out, and while the Good Samaratan helped Mr. "Ouch-My-Foot-Is-Stuck" [*Wink*], his partner in crime swiped the guys wallet.

Just as the doors finished closing... Mr. One-Wallet-Lighter yelled "Son OF A BITCH" and tried to open the doors... but it was too late. The heist was complete, and quite impressivly at that. Sneaky, sneaky bastards

Then, on Saturday, we received a phone call from my mom in Rome. Apparently, on the last day of their 2 week European vacation, my dad was pickpocketed and his wallet and passport were stolen2. I don't have details yet on how the job went down, but I do not doubt that there was some level of sneakiness involved.

1 Of course, this is impossible to do because the space between the train and the platform is about 1 cm... but in the heat of the moment, who's going to remember that?
2 Better than on the first day of the vacation, I guess


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