Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Eurotrip for the 'Rents

My parents left for a much deserved trip to Europe on Sunday, and they should be in Paris now without access to the internet... so I am free to make fun of them now!1

I am very happy that they are able to take this trip. They've saved and sacrificed a lot to get where they are now (including raising a fairly respectable human being and marrying him off to an even more respectable wife who will keep him in line, putting me through school so I had no debt when I graduated2, helping out with our first home purchase by co-signing on the loan and helping out with the down payment and closing costs3, and generally just being great examples of how to be a good parent and human being), and they deserve a great vacation now and then.

I hope they have a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to see my dad's digital picture slide show when they return4.

1 Just kidding
2 I didn't realize how awesome this was of them until I started seeing how much law school is going to cost, and how much loan money I have to take out.
3 As if they hadn't already provided enough
4 Sure my mom and I tease him about them, but he sure puts together a mean slide show


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