Friday, June 11, 2004

And Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Our realtor and parents inspected our townhouse yesterday (Wife and I are in Chicago, townhouse is in Minnesota, so we couldn't be there). Apparently there are some things wrong with the house... nothing major, just little maintenance issues that need to be taken care of. That's probably normal, but the townhouse is only 2 years old, so there is no reason to have too much wear and tear on the house.

In other news, I finished up a huge patent application yesterday, and I will be finishing another patent application today. Both projects took way too long. Not necessarily because I was inefficient1, but because circumstances made it difficult to get the projects done quickly. For example, in one of the cases, the inventors left on a business trip in Europe right after I gave them drafts of the application to review... so I didn't get comments for over 3 weeks (comments normally take 1 or 2 days). Oh well, sometimes that's how things go.

I watched part of Arsenic and Old Lace last night with Wife. I do know one thing, if I could choose to be like anyone in the world... it would be Cary Grant. That cat is smoooooooooth. And I'm guessing he didn't have too much trouble with the ladies back in his day2. Heck, he's dead and he still probably wouldn't have much trouble with the ladies.

1 Although that was a factor
2 Note to Wife... obviously I no longer have a need for this skill, but it would still be nice to have.


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