Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Pink Haze... In the Throes Of Benadryl

I have allergies. They only stick around for 3-4 weeks from late May to Mid-June, and they aren't completely unbearable (although my coworkers might disagree, what with all the sneezing), so I haven't bothered to go to an allergist. This has forced me to resort to over-the-counter "remedies" like Benadryl, which actually works pretty well. Unfortunately, Benadryl is notorious for making people drowsy1. It's kind of a double-edged sword. I either take the Benadryl and stumble through the morning in my "Pink Haze"2, OR I neglect to take it, and spend the day sneezing every few seconds. Today I chose the haze.

1 Don't believe me?... Benadryl and most sleep aides have the same active ingredient, in the same dosage.
2 Benadryl comes in obnoxiously pink pills


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