Thursday, May 27, 2004

Kerry Has Better One Liners

John Kerry has gotten a reputation for being very off-putting... or as John Stewart says on "The Daily Show," a dick. I don't know how true that is, but as far as funny one liners go, Kerry has Bush beat hands down, particularly when he is making jabs at the President.

From an advanced copy of a speech Kerry is going to give today about the U.S. military (from today's The Morning Grind) Kerry is going to say we need to become stronger militarily, not necessarily by building a stronger military (although he touches on that), but through diplomacy with allies. In a direct jab at the Bush administration's "Coalition of the Willing" (what the rest of the world calls the U.S., England, and about 3 Australians and a kangaroo), Kerry calls this diplomacy building a "Coalition of the Able." (emphasis added by me) To me that's damn funny, because it implies that Bush can't get allies that are able to do anything. Priceless.


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