Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bush Gets The Hook

No, President Bush hasn't been removed from office (not yet anyway), but ABC, NBC, and CBS did not air his speech on Iraq last night.

I found this very funny regarding President Bush... his approval rating is so bad, even ABC won't preempt their programming for him, "Everybody Loves Raymond" has more fans than the President, and NBC would rather play a rerun of "Fear Factor." At the same time, this is very sad for the American public... people would rather watch "Everybody Lovers Raymond," a "Fear Factor" rerun, and, worst of all, something on ABC over watching the President of the United States.

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I did not watch the President's speech either, instead I watched a Tivoed recording of the movie "Lean on Me." But I was aware the President was speaking about Iraq. I just chose not to watch because 1)The President usually pisses me off when he gives a speech, and 2) I was fairly certain he wouldn't have much of substance to say during this particular speech, and apparently many critics agree that he didn't have much to say1.

Bush has several more speeches about Iraq planned over the next few weeks before the handoff of the Iraqi government to a sovereign interim government, and I figured most of the good stuff would come later.

In other news, that pig-dog Karl Malone got off light with a $7500 fine and no suspension for his cheap shot against Darrick Martin (Timberwolves backup point guard) on Sunday (see yesterdays post). I'm a little pissed about it. That's the equivalent of me barreling through a guy on the street and only get a $300 fine. A slap on the wrist. HEY NBA, WTF?!!

1John Kerry was one of them, shocker, huh?


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