Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Does This Blog Have Personal Jurisdiction Over Me?

I must admit, I was a little nervous when my boss asked me to do some legal research on personal jurisdiction for a patent litigation case he is working on... I haven't even started law school yet, and he wanted me to research a point of law that this case could hinge on1. Talk about pressure! While I am still nervous about it, I have found it really interesting. First off, I get to do my research based off the Motion to Remove a defendant for lack of personal jurisdiction that the defendant filed, so I am pretty much just looking for cases that show the defendant is wrong. That's fun, trying to find ways to stick it to our opponent. Second, ironically, I just started reading Glannon's E&E primer on Civil Procedure, and what's the first topic covered in the E&E primer.. . why, I do believe it is Personal Jurisdiction. So I get some hands on experience not only looking for arguments we can raise, but also learning about this (apparently) fundamental aspect of civil procedure.

In other news..., as I predicted, the T-wolves were toast in last night's loss to the Lakers. I actually thought they had a shot when they rode the storm in the first half and came back to take the lead... plus they had Shaq, Kobe, and Karl Malone in foul trouble... but then Kareem Rush (frickin' Kareem Rush) buried like 6 thousand 3 pointers2. Oh well, they had a good year... if the Wolves can just get another scorer and a real center3, preferably as one in the same person, then they will be able to compete.

Is the movie White Chicks with Shawn and Marlon Wayans going to be the worst movie of the summer? Of the year? Of the decade? I really think it looks awful... and with the media blitz I am seeing (billboards everywhere, a commercial every commercial break, and internet ads aplenty), I am guessing that my guess is not far off. Why would they hype it so much unless it couldn't hype itself? I've found that movies that advertise so much that you see the ads without even paying attention really, really suck.

1 OK, OK... not the case, but the motion he is working on could hinge on my research
2Fine, it was 6 three pointers, or 18 points... lets see, the T-Wolves lost by 6, so those three pointers may have had something to do with it.
3Michael Olowokandi does not count


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