Monday, June 07, 2004

The Unreasonable Homestead Act of 2004

Wife and I made the very adult1 act of making an offer on a townhouse this weekend. We're both very excited, but a little bit terrified because it is a lot of money... and you throw law school debt on top of it, and it starts to look pretty scary in the coming years. But, we talked to both sets of parents, and they agreed that it is probably a good idea.

Speaking of a lot of money, when I was up in Minnesota I was driving along and I looked up at a gas station where the gas was $1.89/gallon and I thought to myself "Holy Shit! That's really cheap!" A year ago I never could have imagined thinking that $1.89 a gallon is cheap for gas2, and now I was almost giddy with excitement over a sub $1.90 gallon of gas. The times they are a changin'.

I also want to say a belated word en memoriam regarding President Reagan3 and for the men who fought and died during D-day (and all of WW II), as Sunday was the 60th anniversary of the largest amphibious military landing in modern history.

1 And clearly insane
2 Or milk for that matter
3 Whose politics I didn't really agree with, but I still have enormous respect for him


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