Thursday, June 24, 2004

T-Minus Five Weeks

My last day of work is five weeks from yesterday, and my wife and I close on our townhouse in five weeks from today. I started this job a little under 3 years ago1, and it is amazing to me that I am rapidly nearing the end of my first position in the "real world."

This has been made even worse by the fact that I have been relegated to the role of a "short-timer" and have been given a lot of little jobs that need to get done for the firm, but are not at all intellectually challenging. At least a new paten application came in yesterday, so I will have some real client work to take up two of those five weeks, but I kind of feel like I've become less than useful.

I just hope I can end this job with as much enthusiasm as I've had through the rest of the job, because the truth is I've really enjoyed the work I've been doing. That's why I'm going to law school to solidify it as a permanent career.

Does anyone else have this general malaise as they're ending up work and other commitments before returning to school?

1 My first day was actually Sept. 10, 2001, so my second day in the professional world will always be memorable.


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