Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"I Have No Tolerance For Lactose... And I Won't Stand For It"1

How much must it suck to be lactose intolerant? Imagine not being able to have cheese, which means no pizza, milk, which means no hot chocolate (good hot chocolate), no cream, which means no Bailey's, and most dreadful of all, NO ICE CREAM!

My vote is it would suck more than Ahh-nold in Around the World In 80 Days... more than Ishtar... even more than Jenny McCarthy trying to get a part in a movie2

1 Bonus points for anyone who can name that quote... at the end of the judicial season, you can cash your bonus points in for free posts by the Unreasonable Man! Redeemable at any internet-connected computer near you!
2 Too far?


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