Friday, June 18, 2004

Happy B-Day To My Wife!

Today is my wife's birthday... so any post today will have some reference to her, her wonderfulness, or to her birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

I'm still trying to collect my thoughts on recent events in my life, and in the world. I'm going to trying avoiding comments on the whole "Saddam-al Qaeda" were they are weren't they working together fiasco and the recent report by the 9/11 Commission, both of which are covered better by the Chicago Tribune (links to Chi. Trib. stories), the New York Times, CNN, etc.

So, I'm going to talk about my feelings associated with... {SOB} "Bachelor" Palmer breaks up with choice. What kind of a world do we live in where a man slowly whittles a large group of women down to his one "true love," on national TV, and then they break up after a month? I'm so disillusioned! {Throwing myself in the unreasonable fire}. I find it funny that none of the five "Bachelors"1 have ended up with the woman they chose, but both of the "Bachelorettes"2 are either married or engaged to their guy. You think the Bachelors might have chosen their "match" without fully thinking it through?

Let's just do the math here... there are 7 different seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette, 2 Joe Millionaires (I am ashamed to admit I watched the original religiously), at least 2 "For Love of Moneys", 2 or 3 "Temptation Islands", 1 "Paradise Hotel" (again, ashamed to admit that I loved), infinite "Elimidates"3, "Meet My Folks", "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé" (a parody, but it still counts), "Who Wants To Marry My Dad", "The Littlest Groom", "The Divorcée" (OK, I made that one up), and "I'm In Love With An ocelot" (that one too). That's at least 18 million of these "reality" dating shows, and I'm sure there are several billion more that I forgot, or just didn't know existed. That's quite a list of ingredients for the downfall of society, of which I am an admitted partaker.

OK, I kind of got distracted there. In other news about me, my presentation to the firm went well, but I won't go into details... because it would be really boring. I'm still thinking about my review of Brush With The Law, but I'll get to it.

1 Have there seriously been five different seasons of "The Bachelor"? Who still watches these?
2 And TWO seasons of "The Bachelorette"?
3 I actually know someone who was on an episode of Elimidate... He got really drunk, because the show kept feeding him drinks, and he lost.


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