Friday, June 18, 2004

Happy B-Day To My Wife! Part II

I got to go out to lunch today (I normally just bring a lunch in and eat it in our kitchen or at my desk to save money) to buy my wife her birthday present and a card1, and it was absolutely gorgeous out today. I have to remember that when it is a nice day out, I shouldn't go out to lunch... because I may never come back.

Anyway, I hope my wife enjoys the gift. I'm not going to tell you what it is yet... because she reads this blog regularly and I don't want her finding out ahead of time2. I'm taking her out to dinner tonight, and then we might see The Terminal or The Stepford Wives, or we'll do something completely different.

1 I know what you're thinking... "You forget to get her a present before her actual birthday!? What kind of a husband are you?" Well clearly a not great one. To be fair to me (which I have a strong interest in doing), I already knew exactly what I was getting, and just didn't pick it up until today (not that it makes it any better), and her parents and siblings are coming to Chicago next week to do the family celebration, so it kind of slipped my mind that "Duh, it's still her birthday, and she needs a present now... not next week."
2 Although she told me what she wanted, so it won't be a big surprise.


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