Friday, July 09, 2004

Big Shock

President Bush is trying desperately to downplay his relationship with former Enron CEO Kenneth "Kenny Boy" Lay saying (through the White House Press Secretary) "It has been 'quite some time' since Bush and Lay talked with each other."

The press secretary also said "Let me point out he was someone who supported Democrats and Republicans alike." Yeah, supported. But not evenly... He supported Republicans by almost a 10 to 1 margin ($796K donated to Republicans vs. $86K donated to Democrats from 1989-2001). That's like saying "I support children getting popsicles in school... and I support children not getting shot in school." While each statement is technically true, the degrees of my support are quite different. If I had to chose between the two, I would choose kids without popsicles and without holes in them over happy kids who then get plugged. Somehow, I think Lay's preference leans toward the GOP.

I can't really blame the president. If one of my biggest supporters, a man who spoke at the 1992 convention for my father's presidential bid AND who I had nicknamed "Kenny Boy", was shown on the news being carted away by the FBI in handcuffs, I'd start backpedaling away from him too.

But I hope that image of Kenny handcuffed in his stylish blue blazer will stick in the American public's mind... that and Lay's strong ties to Bush.


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