Monday, July 12, 2004

Ditka Update

Look here for more on Mike Ditka's possible run for U.S. Senate (I still can't believe this). From the article:
"Mike Ditka would be a great candidate because he represents the average Illinoisan," said state Sen. Dave Syverson of Rockford, a member of the Republican State Central Committee. "He's just a decent, ordinary guy that worked hard and wasn't handed anything but made it successful."

Yes, because the average Illinoisan1 played tight end for the Bears, coached an NFL team to a Super Bowl championship, and was then elected to the NFL Hall of Fame. And he certainly had nothing handed to him. It's not like no one else helped Ditka to the 1985 championship, he just conjured Walter "Sweetness" Payton, Jim McMahn, William "Refrigerator" (or "The Fridge") Perry, and Mike Singeltary out of his butt.

They've even started a website,, for this travesty against democracy. The sad thing is he would probably win in a landslide because, let's face it, people are stupid and would vote for him. I weep for the future.

1How's that for an awkward sounding citizen name... Illinoisan


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