Saturday, September 04, 2004

Orientation: Cliche-Fest 2004

"Remember, law school is a marathon... not a sprint."

This phrase was uttered at least 3 times within a span of 15 minutes during my first day of law school orientation; once by the dean, once by the law council president, and once by the federal district court judge who was giving the welcoming speach. I didn't keep track of all the other cliches, but there were lots of them.

Originally, I was going to name this post "Orientation: Tool-fest 2004 - Where power tools come to play," but I decided that wasn't fair to the freaks who couldn't stop raising their hands to ask inane questions or to jump at the chance to try and look smart (emphasis on try) during our case-briefing session. I'm sure they were just excited to be starting law school, and just didn't realize that they were teetering dangerously close to becoming "those people."

All in all, orientation was almost exactly like all the 2L bloggers described it last year, so I won't bore you with all the wonderful details. I'll just take this time to say welcome back to Unreasonable Land, have a cookie.


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