Monday, August 16, 2004

Posers, Posers Everwhere... but Not a Man To Think

Last week I was driving a big ol' U-Haul truck down I-90 from Chicago to Minneapolis, and I noticed tons and tons of bikers out on the road. Then I realized that it was time for the annual Harley-Davidson rally in Sturgis, SD. If you want to see posers, there is nothing like the Sturgis rally.

I can't tell you how many people I saw towing their Harley's behind a big, expensive SUV (even saw a few Escalades and Navigators, the poster car for rich wannabees). I have also heard stories of doctors and dentists entering their mid-life crises, buying a Harley, and growing their beard for two weeks before the Sturgis rally so they can fit in better. I guess everybody has to find a way to get there kicks, but this one just seems sad to me.

I find it humorous that Harley bikers pride themselves on being part of the counter-culture, but they are really part of this huge commercial scam perpetrated by the Harley-Davidson corporation. Does anyone else find most of these bikers just a little bit sad, yet still comical?


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