Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First Day In The Can

Well my first official day of law school is done, and it was a lot more like every other first day of school I've ever had. I don't know why I

I'm just taking a break between reading my Civ Pro assignment (I just finished Bridges v. Diesel Service, Inc.1) and reading my Constitutional Law assignment, which I expect to be exciting and fulfilling {sarcasm}

Here are some random thoughts from day 1.
- I laughed when I saw lockers during all my school visits, but those damn things are going to save me from a hernia operation this year (which I am sure is NOT covered under the law student health insurance plan)
- Prof. Torts is probably going to be my favorite prof (still need to here from Prof. Constitution), because he is funny, looks like a hippy, and seems to be very good at actually teaching using the Socratic method without being frightening2
- Where did all the hours in the day go? It's 9:30 and I still have too much reading! Argh!

Anyway, happy law schooling to all my fellow new 1L's. I'll see you tomorrow... unless I snap and take my busmates hostage during the commute tomorrow morning. Hasta la bamba.

1 For those of you who care what this case is about... don't
2 We'll see if I still agree with that once my time comes


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