Tuesday, September 14, 2004

When Podium Pouncers Attack

Today I went against my general policy and made a bee line for the professor after one of my classes this morning. I am proud of myself that I did not waste the classes time with the question (see last Thursday's and Friday's posts), but now I wish I would have either e-mailed the professor the question, or sought her out during office hours.

I was one of a line of at least 10 people that had questions for her. There were so many people asking her questions, that she eventually had to ask the remaining people (7 or 8 students) to walk with her in the hall because she had another appointment to get to. I think from now on, I will give the poor woman a break, and ask my question by e-mail. I can probably articulate my question better in writing anyway.

By the way, I heard that the IOC is adding the 15-Yard Podium Sprint as an exhibition event in the 2008 Beijing Games. U.S. law students are expected to have a "jump" on the competition1.

1Lame pun intended.


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