Monday, September 27, 2004

It's The Little Things

I used to take the little things for granted… naps, TV, being up on current events, reading for pleasure, Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons1. The past few weeks I have been so busy learning about this crazy little thing called law that I haven't had time for one of my great pleasures... the crossword puzzle.2 Well today, I was actually ahead in reading for all of my classes, and more importantly, I actually felt like I understood it3, so when I had about 15 minutes before class, I "pampered" myself and worked on the crossword.

While this is no earth shattering bit of news, I wanted to share the small joys and frustrations I felt while doing today's puzzle.
1. One of the DOWN clues included the answer to an ACROSS question - this was the highlight of my day
2. One of the clues was "'Time After Time' singer Cyndi" (It's Lauper, I hope)... so I got to spend the rest of the day signing "Time After Time" under my breath, to the sniggers of my professors and fellow classmates.
3. One of the clues was a four letter word for "Opinion," and all I could think of was a court opinion (A decision... no wait, A RULING!) – ARRRGGGHHHH! Law school is even invading my ability to enjoy a simple crossword.

Anyway, in case you haven't yet... take some time off and enjoy one of your little things. It is heavenly.

1Wait... those are Dr. Evil's "little things," not mine... sorry :)
2I'm not saying I’m good at crosswords, I rarely ever finish the university paper's crossword, let alone the New York Times crossword… but I still love them so.
3Except for Constitutional Law… but that class isn't until Wednesday, so it hardly even counts.


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