Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Semi-Live Blogging: USC vs. Texas

Halftime: I am pleased with Texas's play (although they could hold on to the damn ball a little better). But one thing that I am astounded at is how bad the officiating is. Hey-sus Christo these suck. Let's recap.

Bad Calls (or No Calls) That Hurt Texas
- The First interception at the goal line (thankfully, the replay rule fixed this one)
- The second interception on USC's last drive (WTF!? Where the hell is the officiating crew sticking its head... and what the fuck is taking the replay booth so long to see that they clearly need to review a play)
- I've seen at least two ball spots where the official took away at least one yard on thee end of a Texas play, and on both occasions it would have been a first down
- I've seen at least two ball spots where the official gave USC as much as a yard on the end of the play... at least one which gave USC a first down... ON A THIRD DOWN PLAY!

Bad Calls (Or No Calls) That Hurt U.S.C.
- Vince Young's knee was so down on the 'Horns first TD (slow replay booth again)
- And that's IT! (that I saw)

Stupid Jackhole refs! What do these guys think they're doing, refereeing the Alamo Bowl? Gotta shower before the 2nd Half starts.

3rd Quarter, 11:09 USC is knocking on the door after a short Texas series. Have you noticed how much Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts love USC. When Texas has a short series its because "USC did a great job on defense." When USC has a short series, its because "USC just had a bad series."

3rd Quarter, 10:36 Damn, White scored. *Sigh*

3rd Quarter, 8:46 The announcers are finally starting to realize Texas is a good team... duh! Wait! 8:34 TOUCHDOWN VINCE YOUNG! Alright, the right team is back on top. Don't know why they didn't go for two. Let's go Horns D!

3rd Quarter, 4:55 Another missed call... a block in the back that resulted in a big USC gain. I wonder how much ther refs' bribes were for? Why look at that, it eventually led to a USC TD, at 4:07

End of 3rd Quarter Texas is about to kick a FG to reclaim the lead. I wonder how long it will take Keith Jackson to say that it won't be enough to beat USC.

4th Quarter, 14:55 Damn, Pino missed it. Still 24-23.

4th Quarter, 11:10 Called a Texas Incompletion, if they overturn this, I will know that the refs are calling it for USC. There is no way there is indisputable evidence to overturn the call (especially after they didn't even *review* Texas's clear interception earlier)

4th Quarter, 8:46 OK, Texas FG to bring them within 5. It's about time for the Texas defense to finally string together three good defensive plays in a row. They've been close all half, but USC has so many weapons... its a little tough.

6:42 left USC TD to go ahead by 12 (after the extra point). That may do it for Texas unless the defense can stop USC like they did in the first half. Looks like we'll still be hearing the BS about USC being "The best team of all time." Shit.

4:03 Maybe not so fast, my friend. Vince runs for his second TD... one score game. Vince has something like 6000 total yards in this game, and Bush is under 100 (I think). Heisman trophy winner, my ass.

2:22 3rd and 7, USC, this may be the game.

2:13 Stopped them a yard short! But what will USC do? I would go for it.

2:09 They stopped them! Now its up to Vince!!!!

0:26 4th and 5 at the 7. This is the game.

0:19 Vince SCRAMBLING FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!! WHAT A GAME! Going for 2 to make it a FG lead. AWESOME!!!!
Two-point conversion GOOD. But, if any team could do it, it is USC.


An absolutely incredible game. The best National Championship I can remember (except for maybe the 2003 Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Miami... maybe).

Time for bed.


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At 12:10 AM, Blogger biff said...

Dude, that's a good play-by-play. It's almost like watching the game. You're right though, it is a special game.

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Unreasonable Man said...

I had my computer on the whole time, so I figured why not? Man what a game.


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