Thursday, December 15, 2005

While Sergeants Played A Marching Tune

I am done with all of my finals for this semester... HOORAY! Which means I am officially half way through my law school education,1 and this winter break is me and my fellow 2Ls' "half time." Really weird. I can't believe its been about 15 months since I started law school, and now I'm supposedly a grizzled veteran.

As for my finals, they went pretty good. I only had two actual sit-down finals (my only other substantive class was a practical skills course which only had weekly assignments, and not a final). The highlights include:
- My first final was an afternoon exam, but all morning I couldn't get the fear out of my head that it was a morning exam and I'D MISSED IT! Even when I sat down for the exam, I still felt like people were just tricking me and I'd really screwed myself over. I don't know why I felt like that.
- My Patents exam was either intentionally really sneaky or my professor just can't write a very coherent exam. The problem is, the which answers were "correct" depended on which of these alternatives it was. I choose "sneaky." I hope I was right.
- The Evidence final was actually kind of fun.2 It wasn't overly tricky, it was written clearly, and I felt comfortable during the entire exam. We'll see.

Thus ends the first half of my law school career. Sweet!

1Although far from completing my legal education.
2 Yes, I know how sick that is.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger biff said...

Cheers. What books are you reading over there? Are you a fantasy fan?


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