Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fact or... Yeah, That's Pretty Much Fiction

As I may have mentioned before... I'm a Lexis and Westlaw points whore.1 So, every day I diligently log onto Lexis and Westlaw, perform some research, even if I don't need to, and do their "Bonus" tasks.

My favorite is the Lexis "Fact or Fiction," because sometimes it is actually interesting. But my question for today provided an interesting quandry, the real question is
Justice Stevens has written at least nine opinions since October 1, 2004. Fact or Fiction?
According to my search of Stevens opinions since October of last year, this is true... or Fact. But the questions starts out
You have just landed an interview for a Supreme Court clerkship with Justice Stevens.
This is clearly Fiction. Not only is it fiction, but it's comedic fiction... it's so ficticious that it has no chance of becoming fact unless the law schools at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, and pretty much every other Top 20 school blows up, and all their current Alumni (except for Justice Stevens) melt like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark2 and all of my current classmates who are smarter than me3 die in a freak accident involving paint fumes, highlighters, and crystal meth.

Just to be safe... I answered Fiction.

1Well, "whore" might be too strong a word... I wouldn't sell my body for Lexis or Westlaw points... but I might be willing to sell a future interest in my first born.
2I suppose these Alumni could just all have heart attacks... but wasn't that cool the way the Nazis melted? I think it would be sweet.
3Like, both of them... both hundred of them.


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