Monday, October 31, 2005

Let's Gird Up Our Loins For Battle

Well, it looks like we are going to get the political showdown we wanted, as Bush has bowed to his Ultra-Right-Wing Conservative overlords and nominated Scalito to replace O' Connor on the SCOTUS. Any time a judge is considered the equivalent of Scalia, there is going to be a fight... so this should be interesting.

Notes from around the Blawgoshpere:
- Looks like Article III Groupie was wrong, the buzz about Alito was not a decoy... it was (as John Kerry would probably have stumbled through awkwardly in an attempt to be cool said) "The Real Deal"
- The Volokh Conspiracy and Bainbridge seem positively giddy
- Wonkette has a better idea
"Today's drinking game? Every time you hear "unlike Harriet Miers," take a sip. Every time you hear "in contrast to Harriet Miers," do a shot. Every time you hear "more judicial experience in his pinkie than Harriet Miers has in her whole stooped and shriveled body," pound yourself in the forehead with a copy of Casey v. Planned Parenthood.
Personally, I am petrified that this guy will actually get confirmed... but picking him was smart for Bush. Now there will be a fight, which will give Bush and his cronies a lot of ammunition to use next year during the Mid-term elections when they argue that it is all the Democrats fault that the country sucks. That is, if the President has any political capital left at that point after the stupidity that was the Miers nomination.


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