Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New "Role Model"

A woman tricked the biggest law firm in Minneapolis into giving her a job by faking her law school transcript and using someone else's bar registration from New York. The best part: she worked for six months as an associate before they caught her. Six months!

My favorite quotes from the Minneapolis Star Tribue article about the matter:
The truth: Her law school transcript was apparently of her own making; her New York registration number belonged to someone else.

The woman apparently knew what a real transcript looked like, using one as the model to create her own genuine-looking document.

"She was very sophisticated," Tinkham [the firm's spokesman] said.
He [Tinkham] said the firm will change its hiring practices to request academic transcripts from the schools directly rather than relying on the candidates to furnish them.
Wow. You gotta at least respect the balls it took to do this.


At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the "very sophisticated" comment they made, like you have to be SO sophisticated to create a text document in word. Our transcripts aren't exactly state of the art. It's pretty amazing to me that they didn't confirm her stats even after she took the offer. Nice. I guess this means I shouldn't worry about seeming incompetent now, right?


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