Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Year Flashback

I must have the law school form of PTSD,1 because my Fact or Fiction from Lexis started out thusly:
In Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Company, 248 NY 339...
But, I didn't get any farther before I had a vivid waking dream of a man running with fireworks to catch a train, the fireworks falling under the train, and a lady being crushed by a falling scale, all while Prof. Feld stood on the train platform lexuring us on Proximate Causation

Prof. Feld (Dreamlike): Of course the railroad could not have foreseen that someone would be carrying fireworks onto its train and then would drop them under the train. Which is... to say [complete with his little snake-head hand motion] the railroad's negligence did not proximately cause the lady's injuries.
Unreasonable Man (at work): *shudder* [U.M. curls up under his desk and begins to suck his thumb... hoping the flahsback will all be over soon]
U.M.'s Coworker: Dude,2 what're you doin'?

I guess no matter how hard you try to forget, the past can be so horrofic when you're out in The Shit, that you just can't get rid of it.


1Post Torts Stress Disorder
2 Because all in-house corporate lawyers call each other Dude. That, or his (or her) dudeness, or duder, or el duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.


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