Sunday, April 17, 2005

Playing The Numbers

This weekend we got to participate in the "Law Lottery," which isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. The lottery is where us soon to be 2L's (or at least hopefully we are soon to be 2L's... we have to get through finals first) get to "pick" our classes for next fall. By "pick," I mean we get to list what we hope we can get into, and then in a week or two we get to find out that we only got into the classes that the new-3L's don't want anyway (like Corporations at 8 in the morning or Antitrust ever). Jumpin Jack Flash, it's a gas Gas GAAAAASSSS!

Also coming down the pipe this week is our Con Law discussions regarding Roe v. Wade and abortion. This should be "fun," especially considered I feel fairly strongly about this issue (I'm a self-proclaimed raging liberal), and our Con Law professor is vehemently anti-Roe and anti-abortion, as are a couple outspoken members of the class (all three of whom, my professor and both students, are really nice guys... yes, they're all guys... and whom I respect immensely outside of this issue). Hopefully I can keep my mouth clamped shut and can dodge the Socratic bullet for a couple days... else there may be an Unreasonable screaming match reverberating through the sub-plaza at good ol' Mondale Hall.

I'll leave this post with a completely inappropriate, but still funny (to me, at least) quote from David Cross's most recent comedy album (where David is responding to an "ooooooo" after an abortion-related joke)

"Oh, was anybody here aborted? I don't want to offend anyone."


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