Monday, March 22, 2004

So Much For A Polite Campaign...

From Thosands Cheer As Bush Mocks Kerry... I don't know how true the "mock" part of this story is, but W. wasn't exactly singing praises to Kerry. But here is at least one Bush lie (or at least a mistruth) from the article.

"My opponent admits Saddam Hussein was a threat, he just didn't support my decision to remove Saddam from power. Maybe he was hoping Saddam would lose the next Iraqi election."

Not true. Kerry voted both for the resolution to go to war in Iraq, and for a $87 million dollar bill to fund operations in Iraq. The problem is, Kerry voted for an $87 million bill that got the money from a partial rollback of Bush's tax cuts to high-income tax payers... a bill that failed. Kerry voted against the $87 million bill that actually passed, because it was redudant to the bill he had already voted for. Just think of it, if Kerry had voted for both both bills, Bush would be saying that "Kerry wants to fill the pork barrels of the defense contractors, because he voted for twice as much funding as was needed."

It's this kind of misleading politics that convinces me that Bush has no respect for the intelligence of his contiuency (but then again, neither do I... except for all of you who have the equivalent of a nuclear intellectual arsenal, as is proven by your patronage of this humble blog).

OK, enough politics for now. I hope I haven't turned off some of you right leaning readers. If you think I'm full of shit, please e-mail me. Since I don't have comments yet (and won't until blogspot gets on the ball), I will post your comments (unless they are too long or too beligerant).


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