Monday, March 22, 2004

Can't Type, Cramping.

Today's Question From My Jeopardy! Desk Calendar: Category: Change The Vowel (?) for $200... In a 1933 film, thing creature climbed the Empire State Building... my guess, King Kong.

Answer: What is King Kong? Starting the week off right, $200 for me.

Song Lyric For Today
But I can't be late
'Cause then I guess I won't get paid
These are the days when you wish your bed was already made

It's just another manic Monday...
Manic Monday by The Bangles - C'mon, you knew it would happen eventually

I played football with some friends yesterday, and let me tell you, I am out of shape. Even my fingers are sore.

I finally went and saw The Passion of the Christ this weekend. It was good, but it wasn't quite as moving for me as I would have expected. It certainly was depressing, and it made you see the suffering Jesus went through, and it is powerful. But I heard some people crying in the theater, and I just didn't have that kind of reaction. I would still recommend it, unless you're a little squeamish around realistic bloodiness (is bloodiness a word?... I guess it is now). Wife and I also rented Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star on DVD, and it was actually damn funny... especially Dickie's trademark phrase from his TV show as a child... "This is Nuckin' Futs!" Maybe it's because I was expecting it to suck, or at the very best be marginally funny, so I wasn't expecting much.

Anyway, I've got a short week this week, because I'm going to visit the final two schools I'm considering on Thursday and Friday. Then I've got to decide by April 1, because that's when the schools want their deposit. I'll keep you posted.


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