Tuesday, March 16, 2004

New "For Today" Thing

Today's Question From My Jeopardy! Desk calendar: Category: Classic Logos for $600... Hands cupped together, holding a house and a car, was the classic symbol for this insurer.

What is Allstate?... Another one for me, Plus $800 for the week

Since I don't have much to report on stuff in my life, I will start a new "For Today" thing... the "Song Lyric For Today"

Song Lyric For Today:
I wanna spread the news
that if it feels this good gettin' used
Oh, you can just keep on using me.... until you use me up
- Use Me Up by Bill Withers

Law School News: None...

Work News: I've started a new project... a search report to determine if our client might be infringing anyone's patents... Good news for him, it looks like he isn't.

I also went and saw Starsky and Hutch this weekend. It was pretty funny, if you weren't expecting much. Plus it has some great music, including the Song Lyric For Today (above). Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were pretty funny, and Snoop Dog was also really good as Huggy Bear ("Nobody touches The Bear"), even though he wasn't in it very much. Looks like the start of the summer movie season is coming a little early this year.

Top 7 Reasons I'm Going To Law School
1. Money - After graduation with a J.D., I could begin working in almost exactly the same job (although slightly more pressure, etc.) and be making up to twice as much as I do now, and my salary current salary ain't to shabby to begin with.
2. Interest - I had never considered a career in the law before, but since I've started working at my current job in a patent law firm, I have become more interested in not just patent law, but other areas of the law
3. Curiosity - I want to see if Law School (capital L, capital S) is as scary as the hype makes it out to be (kind of a sick curiosity I know). I'm also curious about the gunners and wonks out there in law school, and what how the ones who can't cut it will react (particular if I, a lowly engineer, smoke them in the grades department... oh, that would be sweet)
4. I Like School - Believe it our not (and Wife certainly does not), I actually like school, and am looking forward to going back.
5. Break From Work - I have been out of school for almost three years, and have only had 1 real vacation (my honeymoon), and I certainly won't get another one before law school... so I look at law school as a break from work (I know, a break from work with... more work, not much of a break, you could say)
6. Meet People - I don't exactly have the best network of friends built up. I have quite a few from college, but none of them work around here (at least that I know of)... and I only have one co-worker around my age, and he only started this last autumn. So I am looking forward to the social aspects of school (even if most of the people will be younger than me).
7. Excitement - Even though I know it will wear off quickly (probably during orientation), the idea of starting a whole new chapter of my life, and moving in a new direction is exciting for me.

More later... maybe later today if I have anything to say. Hasta.


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