Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bitched At + The Longest Converation

Yesterday was an interesting day. I am the Vice Chair of a new committee for an law association, and the Chair has not been the most responsive person in the world... so I had been sending out letters to potential new members, both of the association, and specifically to our committee. Well one of the respondents replied to me and the Chair, so she e-mailed me to say that she was suprised that I had started this mailing, and that she thought the committee would work together on things... you know an old fashioned bitch out. So now I have to call her and straighten it out. I dread the experience, because I was just trying to make things easier, because I knew the committee would need to contact these people eventually, and the Chair and I had discussed sending a letter before. I hadn't hear from her for almost a month so I just started sending the letters... I had no idea she would be offended that I took work upon myself. I'll keep you posted, hopefully it's just a misunderstanding.

I also spoke with the inventors on a pair of patent applications I wrote for them. Normally, an inventor reads through the application draft, makes a few comments, tweaks a little bit of language, and then says "It looks good." Well, these guys wanted to talk about every detail, which is fine, but it took almost three hours, when normally I get an e-mail saying "paragraph 12 should say _____ instead of _____... otherwise it looks good." I guess I should be happy that they took such an interest in the project. But now I only have half a day to put all this stuff in, plus, I'm leaving for the rest of the week to visit schools (University of Illinois College of Law tommorrow and University of Iowa College of Law on Friday... I'll post pictures if they're interesting). That's the work world I guess.


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