Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oscars (Webster's def.) - The Ego Stroke To End All Ego Strokes

Like many of you, I watched the Oscars this Sunday. I can't say I was suprised by the love in for The Lord of the Rings... I mean I loved the books and the movies, but considering how much the first two movies and Peter Jackson were snubbed during the last 2 Academy Awards, it was a little surprising that they swept all 11 awards they were nominated for. As I said, I liked the movies, but would I put them on the same level as Titanic and Ben Hur, as all three won 11 awards? (The answer is no for both, although... I would put LOTR above Titanic, but below Ben Hur). It seems like they just showered all the awards for LOTR into this year's Oscars because the Academy realized they screwed them over the previous movies. It reminds me of when Denzel Washington Best Actor for Training Day, which in my opinion should have been won by Russel Crowe for A Beautiful Mind, because everyone realized they should have given it to Denzel for The Hurricane the previous year instead of Russel for Gladiator.

I also am annoyed with whoever gets to decide when to cut off a winner's acceptance speach. Why does the Sound Editing guy (or gal), in one of his (or her) few public acknowledgement's of his (or her) work, get cut off after about 4 seconds while Sean Penn is allowed to give one of the most dull speeches while scratching his neck with the friggin' statue? Speaking of Sean Penn, whose idea was it to nomitate Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High for an Oscar? Who's next... Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter?

Work's been boring recently... I'm nearly finished with a big project (two fairly in depth and related patent applications), but I'm waiting for the inventors and my draftsman to get back to me. Oh well, I guess it gives me more time to blog. Hope to see you soon.


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