Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Round 1 of Visits

I visited a couple schools last week... on Thursday I went to a school that is close to here (hereafter Local School) on an individual visit, and on Friday I was at Midwest School's "Admitted Students Day" (hopefully that is an obvious fake name). Both visits were informative, but in different ways. Local School was nice because it was a 1-on-1 tour, one of the admissions officer's took me and my wife out to lunch, we got to sit in on a class, and it just felt more like we were getting a better idea of what the school was really like. Midwest School was very informative... part of the program told us things I probably wouldn't have even thought to ask about, but it felt very pre-packaged, spoon fed, and very impersonal. It was also difficult to get any specific questions answered (although the remedy for that is just asking later on at the admissions office, or by e-mail, which I will do later). I still think the admitted students day was nice, but I think I prefer the 1-on-1 approach. Of course, I still have a visit scheduled that is an "Admitted Students Day" kind of program.

Oh yeah, and I got my rejection from Harvard Law School on Monday. Not totally unexpected, considered I've been rejected or waitlisted from less renowned schools... still stings a little though. Harvard also is the current front runner for most insensitive rejection. There's didn't just reject me, but they said that they "denied admission," and they made it sound like there were lots of qualified candidates who applied, and that I wasn't one of them. At least Yale made it sound like I was right on the cusp (even if I wasn't), and that there were just so many good candidates this year, but that in a different year I would have gotten in (which I probably wouldn't). Anyway, the Ivy League rejections are out of the way. Now I just have to decide between the top 20 schools that have admitted me.


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