Friday, March 12, 2004

Lamest Blogger Ever...

So I never update my stupid blog... so what. It's not like anyone reads it anyway. Plus, I feel a little intimidated by "real" blogs about law school like effinchamp and Ditzy Genius (I know their are others, but these are the two I've read recently) and I realize I'm neither as efficient, nor as dedicated as I would like to believe.

Nothing really new on the law school front... or on the life front for that matter. I have a patent application that doesn't seem to want to die. I'm waiting for some final details from the inventor that I can plug in, then it's off to the client attorney. The problem is my boss (hereafter referred to as Boss, not to be confused with Bruce Springstein, who is The Boss) has gotten into a huge kick recently about efficiency (not that I blame him, I mean he is paying me a salary, and if I do more work faster, but just as good, he makes more money)... but he edits my work like it's a much anticipated Supreme Court opinion. I know he just wants the work product to be excellent (can't really fault him for that), and that his suggestions come from years of experience litigating patents with some of these very problems (again, can't fault him for that)... but it tends to draw the process out. But hey, I'm getting free training in legal writing and think that will probably be invaluable in law school and beyond.

I've also decided to begin removing specific identifying references to people... (hence the use of Boss above), including those in prior posts so as to thoroughly isolate me (aka the "Blogger") from you (the as yet non-existent "audience"), and also to prevent anyone becoming mad at me for posting things about them on the internet. Plus its funny on Ditzy Genius' blog... and I learned awhile ago that the surest way to being adequate is to copy someone who is really good. And really, how good does this blog have to be... nobody reads it.


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