Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Never Been Out To Lunch So Many Times

Two weeks are down at Eel & Poorman, and things are going fairly well. I've had several very interesting projects, including some stuff for a big litigation case Eel is working on. For the two projects where I've had to write a Open Memo1 I have gotten very good feedback. Yay! I don't totally suck... at least on the busy-work they give to summer associates.

On the culinary side of things, I feel like I am stuffed from all the free food that has been provided by the firm. Free lunches, free bagels for breakfast (not every day, but close); free coffee and soda whenever you want; afternoon trips to the Jamba Juice for a free smoothie,2 it's enough to turn a guy fat.3 Between getting paid really well and never having to pay for lunch or daytime beverages, I'm going to be clearing a tidy sum this summer. Too bad I'll have to use it for the triple bypass surgery I'll have to get to clear out my arteries from all the food the firm has us eat.

1Remember these things from First Year Legal Writing? Well, it turns out you need to keep doing them after your first semester of law school. I guess I should apologize to my legal writing instructor for saying "This s$#t is a waste of time!"
2What kind of free boost would you like with that? You gotta have a boost! I've had 8 energy boosts already today!
3Well... fatter.


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