Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Administrative Pick-Up Lines: Chevron Goodness with a Thin Skidmore Shell

Here's another set of my wonderful Pick-Up Lines, this time courtesy of Professor Hickman's Administrative Law Course.

Guy looks girl up and down: "A factual finding that 'You're Hot' is obviously 'supported by substantial evidence.'"

"I'm giving you notice that I find you very sexy. Care to comment?"

"Don't deprive me of holding you without due process of law!"

"You can give me your phone number without going through Section 553 procedures, because it would be 'contrary to the public interest' if people as attractive as you and I didn't get together."

"I've been authorized to use formal adjudication to determine how good you are in bed. Fortunately, this decision can only be made 'on a closed record,' so I'm going to have to sleep with you to make my determination."

"I've got a 'hard look doctrine' for you. See, it's hard... look!"

"I won't be precluded from dreaming about you tonight."

"Have you heard? There is a definite 'zone of interest' amongst the ladies around my bedroom."

"You will experience some well-earned 'exhaustion' if you come home with me tonight."

"I don't think I'll need any post hoc rationale to determine that you've got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen."

Good luck tomorrow everybody!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger The Namby Pamby said...

It would have been fun to use these in my first semester Admin Law final. Great post


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